How to enlarge the Home directory space

ROOT Version: ROOT 6.24.06
Platform: Ubuntu

my ubuntu system has Snapshot function, and now I want to enlarge my home directory,now I have tried many methods, but it dosen’t work.

This really isn’t a ROOT question, I’ll since it’s answerable enough I’ll try give some advice.

Firstly, the hard drive shown above only has 1MB of space to expand into. If this is a physical drive, then there’s nothing you can do. You’d stand to gain the 1MB alone.

I’m going to assume given the perculiar size of the drive in relation to todays standards, it’s likely running in a virtual machine instead. In this case, you’d need to expand the size of the virtual hard drive in your virtual machine management software to whatever size you’d like. This would appear in the GUI above as increasing the amount of unallocated space.

To actually make use of the unallocated space, since I am presuming you haven’t set up LVM for example, you’d need to access the partition while it’s unmounted to be able to actually expand it. You’d do this by accessing the partition using the same LiveCD that installed it, accessing GParted in the LiveCD environment and doing the expansion there. When you go back into the proper system, the unallocated space would be merged into the primary / partition.

It’s likely worth making a backup of the virtual hard drive in the VM management utility before doing these changes, as incorrectly handling this could result in dataloss.

Thanks a lot for your replay. it’s indeed a virtual machine running the ubuntu system, actually I am a novice,and I will try according to your method, thanks again.

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