How to display the entries and details of a particular histogram when multiple histograms are plotted on a single plot


I have written a macro to plot two histograms on the same plot. The first histogram is plotted from a TTree and the second result need to be plotted from a .dat file with two columns (namely the mass and yield).


TFile *file3=TFile::Open("RAW173.root");
TTree *tree3=(TTree*)file3->Get("Analysis");

   TH1D*h1 = new TH1D("h1","Normalised to the total number of events",100.,40.,140.);
   s1 = 6./11620.;   // Normalised to amplitud of the histogram

  TTree *MyTree = new TTree("MyTree", "MyTree");
  MyTree->ReadFile("yield176_40.dat", "Mass:Yield"); // the .dat file has two coloums (mass and the corresponding yeilds )and I would like to plot a 1D histogram but I dont know how
  TH2F *MyHisto = new TH2F("MyHisto", ";Fragment Mass Number [amu];Yield (%)", 100, MyTree->GetMinimum("Mass") - 1, MyTree->GetMaximum("Mass") + 1, 100, MyTree->GetMinimum("Yield") - 1, MyTree->GetMaximum("Yield") + 1);
  MyTree->Project("MyHisto", "Yield:Mass");

  auto legend = new TLegend(0.1,0.5,0.4,0.6);
   legend->AddEntry(h1,"176_Os_Ex_Exp=64.8 MeV, Eff_Ex~40MeV","l");
   legend->AddEntry(MyHisto,"176_Os_Ex_K=40 MeV","l");

So when I run this macro I have the histogram details of the first histogram h1 but I would like to display the entries, std dev and intergral of the second histogram MyHisto.

Could some one please let me know how to do this.

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Thanks, @Wile_E_Coyote for the prompt response.

I had one more doubt. I want to draw my second histogram from a text file with two columns namely mass and its yields (see the attached file).

Rather than plotting a 2D histogram, I would like to plot the 1D histogram for mass yields. So could you please tell me how to plot a 1D histogram for a .txt file with two columns?
yield176_40.txt (6.1 KB)

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