How to disable proof-lite


we have Root centrally installed on our cluster. We would like to
disable Proof-lite. The root’s configuration script does not contain relevant option.
I wounder whether there is a way to achieve this goal.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you. Gizo Nanava

Dear Gizo Nanava,

We did not foreseen such an option.
The drastic way is to remove from $ROOTSYS/lib.
In this way you prevent all PROOF-related activities (e.g. using an external PROOF cluster), not only PROOF-Lite.

We may consider adding more control on that in future versions if there is the need and request for that.
Would you really like to stop the use of PROOF-Lite or limit the resources it uses?

G. Ganis


thank you for the message and suggestion.

We would like the proof-lite to use only one CPU, which probably is the same as stopping it.
If there is a way to restrict max. number of used CPUs that would be fine.

Thank you.
Gizo Nanava

Dear Gizo,

Even slightly worse: TChain::Process is more efficient on 1-core. However, PROOF-Lite allows you to run data-independent selectors (like for MC generation) which are not (easily) runnable otherwise.

Currently we can change the default number but not restrict it (in the sense that people can choose the number, if they know how to do it). To change the default you should set

ProofLite.Workers 1

in the $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc file.

I will add the possibility 1) to disable PROOF-Lite, and 2) to really restrict the number of workers.

G. Ganis