How to disable a menu

I have a menu bar (class TGMenuBar) with a few menu’s (class TGPopupMenu). Each menu has a few entries and sometimes a few submenu’s (also class TGPopupMenu). Now I need to disable a whole menu for a while (and enable it again later). The TGPopupMenu does not have a SetEnabled method, like some other widgets. I tried pMenuBar->HideFrame (pPopupMenu), but that has no effect. What is the easiest method?


There is nothing implemented to disable a full menu (yet).


The menu bar is a starting point for the application actions grouped under menu titles. Its design maps the application navigation schemes. Having a menu title disabled will confuse users because it will present a broken/missing main functionality. It will be better if a not active popup menu is removed from the menu bar via RemovePopup method (see … emovePopup ). The returned TGPopupMenu pointer can be re-used later in AddPopup method.
Cheers, Ilka