How to delete histogram

Hello all,

I am defining a histogram like

[code]char name2X[15];


TH1F* h_Pos_g2xcl = new TH1F(name2X,"",100,-10,110);[/code]

inside a for loop over iterNb.

I would like to delete each histogram inside the for loop for each value of iterNb, because of memory problem. So, please let me know how can I do this.

Thanks in advance for help.
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TH1F* h_Pos_g2xcl = new TH1F(name2X,"",100,-10,110); // ... do whatever you want with h_Pos_g2xcl ... delete h_Pos_g2xcl;

Dear Coyote,

Thanks for reply.

I tried this earlier but its not working.

initially it shows me warning

then finally it goes into segfault.

If I don’t use

then it is working fine. But then my PC goes out of memory after some time.

Is there any another way to do this?

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TH1F *h_Pos_g2xcl = ((TH1F *)(gROOT->FindObject(name2X))); delete h_Pos_g2xcl; // delete the old name2X h_Pos_g2xcl = new TH1F(name2X,"",100,-10,110);