How to delete all current opening canvas before running a macro

Dear Rooters,

I write a macro that draws a graph. I would like to close all existing canvas at the beginning of the macro.

Could you please show me the way to do it.

For example:

void main()
// Step 1: Check if there is any opening canvas, if yes then close them.
// Step 2: Create a new canvas.
// Step 3: Draw Graph.

Thank you very much,

Ngoc Anh,

ROOT Version: 5.34
Platform: Window 7
Compiler: Not Provided

This is a function from tmva/test/tmvaglob.C for exactly this purpose:

void DestroyCanvases()
   TList* loc = (TList*) gROOT->GetListOfCanvases();
   TListIter itc(loc);
   TObject* o = 0;
   while (o = itc()) 
      delete o;
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Thank you very much. It works like a charm.

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