How to declare an array of ROOT::Math::Interpolator?

Hello, it is probably a trivial c++ question but I do not succeed to find the answer.
I want to define several Interpolator object and store them in a 2D array.

Usually, to do that with other objects, I do

Object *o[4][4] = { {NULL} }; ... for(int i=0 ; i<4 ; i++) for(int j=0 ; j<4 ; j++) o[i][j] = new Object();

With ROOT::Math::Interpolator, I cannot do it because it seems that I can only write something like to define the object:

So, how can I define a 2D array of Interpolator objects?
Thanks in advance.


ROOT::Math::Interpolator* inter = new ROOT::Math::Interpolator(50,ROOT::Math::Interpolation::kLINEAR);


Pfff, I have forgotten the star…