How to create new readline dumpfile(-n) like cint in Cling?


I used to run below command using CINT to generate a dump file.
cint.exe -ztest -nG__cpp_OutputFile.cxx -I …\Dependencypath\ OutputHeader.h

OutputHeader.h - contains all my function declarations. eg.(Myfunction():wink:
G__cpp_OutputFile.cxx - Generated file will have definitions like below.

static int G__test_64_0_1(G__value* result7, G__CONST char* funcname, struct G__param* libp, int hash)

return(1 || funcname || hash || result7 || libp) ;

Similar to this, I am trying in Cling, but I could not find any command options,
Could you please help me to Generate similar kind of file using Cling.

Thanks in advance,


This is not needed for cling anymore. You simply #include “OutputHeader.h” and off you go.