How to create and use a branch with a C char array from PyROOT

I have a brand new TTree, and I want to create in it a branch on it that will hold a C char array (of a known length) so that I can access this char array from python, modify it, and “Fill” the tree.

I actually managed to create such a branch with the monstrosity below, but I can’t modify the resulting python object. I find lots of old relevant posts, but they all refer to which no longer exists (and may well be outdated due to the new pyroot).

R.gInterpreter.Declare("struct a5 { char c[5]; };") 
Ra5 = getattr( R, 'a5' )
a5 = Ra5() 
tr.Branch( 'dummy', R.AddressOf(a5), 'dummy/C' ) 

ROOT Version: 6.18/04
Platform: Ubuntu
Compiler: Not Provided


You can use a character array in Python, with the array.array type. Here you can find an explanation:

So something like:
s=array('c', 'ab\0')

which you can pass to tr.Branch and you can modify before each fill with the value you want for the next tree entry.

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