How to cout info while proof is running

Hi everyone

Maybe this is a basic question.
I am running a script with proof. Everything works fine, but I want to print some info to check. For example, I want to calculate the invariant mass of one particle, but I want to make sure that I am calculating it right. I tried with the usual

but nothing appears. How can I do it?



You should find this information into the worker log files: … flogviewer

You can also include ‘TProofServ.h’ in your TSelector implementation and do

#include "TProofServ.h"
   TString msg = TString::Format("mass: %f", mass);
   if (gProofServ) gProofServ->SendAsynMessage(msg);

This should print the message on you screen in real time, but it may generate a lot of traffic if you use it for each event.

G. Ganis