How to correctly change the font in a TLegend object?

Dear Experts:

The default font in a TLegend object is font# 6 (bold helvetica), but I don’t want to use this default bold font.
I tried to use SetTextFont(4), but it doesn’t work at all.
It will make the font too small to see.
If I changed the font #(actually I didn’t use 1), sometimes it will show times italic.

[code]TLegend* fLeg = new TLegend(0.15,0.67,0.45,0.88,"");
fLeg->AddEntry(“h10”,“all particles”,“lpf”);

fLeg->SetTextFont(4);//doesn’t work
fLeg->SetTextSize(0.04);//doesn’t work


Thanks a lot.


fLeg->SetTextFont(42); // text_font_code = 10 * font_number + precision

It works now.
Thank you so much. I should read it carefully. :smiley: