How to connect to TGShutterItem click?

How do I get notification that a TGShutterItem::fButton was clicked? I tried

TGShutterItem *item = new TGShutterItem(...)
item->Connect("ProcessedEvent(Event_t *)","MyClass",this,"MyMethod(Event_t *)");

but was unable to decifer the Event_t info to figure when it was clicked. If the TShutterItem::fButton was public, I could connect to its “Clicked()” signal…

Ed Oltman

On a related note, Is it possible to disable/enable a TGShutterItem’s button?

Hi Ed,

The missing button getter GetButton() is added in TGShutterItem class and binary tar balls are regenerated. You can use the getter to connect or disable the shutter item button. For example:

Best regards, Ilka