How to configure ROOT in Visual Studio 2008

I tried to integrate ROOT into Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Vista.

I installed ROOT Development Version 5.23 using MSI (Debug) version.

I set project’s properties from Project Property Pages as follow (assume that C:\root\ is a installation directory, ans assume that another properties are default setting when Visual Studio create a new project):
[ul]Configuration Properties | C/C++ | General | Additional Include Directories: C:\root\include
Configuration Properties | Linker | General | Additional Library Directories: C:\root\lib
Configuration Properties | Linker | Input | Additional Dependencies: C:/root/lib/libCore.lib C:/root/lib/libGPad.lib C:/root/lib/libGui.lib C:/root/lib/libGraf.lib C:/root/lib/libTree.lib C:/root/lib/libHist.lib C:/root/lib/libCint.lib C:/root/lib/libRint.lib[/ul]
But when I compile sample code, it shows a lot of error at Visual Studio’s cstddef, and one error “This header requires a C++ compiler…” at Visual Studio’s typeinfo file. What should I do?

What kind of the MS Studio project did you try to build?
Normally, you should create the so-called “Win32 Console application”

Yes. I use Win32 Console Application.

Did you read: … Debug.html
? … +2008+(VC9

[quote=“fine”]Did you read: … Debug.html
? … +2008+(VC9[/quote]

Oh! I had just known that. Now I can run ROOT’s example, but ‘Muster’ sample, as shown in … Debug.html, don’t show any output. How do I run command to display outout from VC++? Thanks a lot. If I have any questions, I will post again. :slight_smile:

[quote=“nuntawat”]How do I run command to display outout from VC++? [/quote]One needs to google a bit :unamused: . … d-of-openi … ole_Output
The main point there is [quote]" . . . If you run the console app in the post build step it’s output will go to the output window. The inability to do this easily has been on of my biggest peeves with VS (any version) . . . "[/quote] … cific.html

I means how to show drawing figure. I saw that ‘Muster’ example have some lines of code in TMuster.cpp that will show output (see below):

void TMuster::Show() { fH->Draw(""); }

But when I run it, it didn’t show anything. By this example, how should I do?


Do you have a TApplication? Do you process the events? Check the users guide, please, where this is explained.

Cheers, Axel