How to configure PROOF on Windows

I am wondering whether it is possible to run PROOF on window machines. Can someone share how to install/configure PROOF on windows? What I mean is not running cygwin on Windows. All documents I read are for Unix and I never came cross a solution for Windows. Thank you very much.



Maybe a solution for cluster is not ready now. How about for a sigle dual core computer? Thanks.

Dear gma,

Current Windows support for PROOF is limited to the client side and it is quite experimental. The daemons running on the server side have been developed and are mantained under Unix. Currently it is not foreseen to port them under windows.

We are working to a version of PROOF optimized for multi-core machines which does not make use of daemons, and which should run on Windows as well. We hope to have a first version for the next development release.

Gerri Ganis

Do these work on Windows under Cygwin (which is posix)?


In principle they may work under Cygwin, but currently they are not even built there; as far as I know there is no plan to make the port .

The only commitment is to support all clients under Windows / Cygwin .


Thank for your reply. I was thinking about experimenting proof on Windows. Now I will stick to linux.