How to check if GSL works

I have to build ROOT with cmake, since building with configure does not work in Fedora 16. Now I have problem that I don’t know if gsl was properly found (the output of cmake is somewhat lacking compared to configures). Theoretically, after I enabled -Dgsl_shared=ON it says, that it will compile using gsl_shared, However, when I attempt to fit with GSLMultiMin or GSLMultiFit, root says “ROOT::Math::FitConfig::CreateMinimizer:0: RuntimeWarning: Could not create the GSLMultiMin minimizer. Try using the minimizer Minuit”. It does fit with genetic.

So I am a little bit lost. First, I thought that Genetic is also GSL. Second, previously I used root on ./configure builds, and thus I knew that GSL was included. Please help :slight_smile:

Foun the source of the problem - mathmore was not built.

At first, I had no GSL, so mathmore was not enabled by cmake. Than I installed GSL, but cmake kept to the previous configuration (thus mathmore was still disabled). Anyone knows how to completely “recmake”, so that cmake again searches for all dependecies? I know, that I can delete everything in my build directory, but this is not an option :slight_smile:

The current way the ROOT CMake works is that it disables automatically the options that cannot be satisfied. This is to avoid reporting configuration warnings and errors every time cmake is run.
In your case the option mathmore was turned off because it didn’t find GSL. To turn it on after the installation of GSL you can execute cmake with -Dmathmore=ON