How to change type of data in TLeaf in order to use TMVA

I have lots of root files, however, those root files have TLeaf with data type as ‘
Double_t’. And for training variables in TMVA package, only allowed data type is ‘Float_t’ or ‘I’, it is impossible for me to recreate all my root files, so I am wondering if there is a way to change data type in TLeaf to ‘Float_t’ from ‘Double_t’. Also, maybe another easy way is to add support to ‘Double_t’ data type in TMVA package and compile it. Any ideas, please?


Hi Zhiyi,

the specification of float ‘F’ or integer ‘I’ only refers to the internal treatment of the input variables. For all kinds of floating point variables (like for your Double_t) you should specify ‘F’. We will revise the documentation to make that more clear.

Best regards,