How to change the wire directions in MWPC?

I am trying to simulate the MWPC whose anode and two cathode planes are composed of wires.
I want to change the direction of wires of one cathode perpendicular to the anode wires, but I can’t find how to do it.
Is there any method to make such MWPC structure?

not with ComponentAnalyticField which is limited to two-dimensional geometries.
One option is to use neBEM (Examples/neBEM/crossingWires.C · master · garfield / garfieldpp · GitLab)
Alternatively, you could model your geometry in a finite-element field solver like Ansys, Elmer, or Comsol, and then import the field map in Garfield++.

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Thank you for the kind answer. I will try those methods.

I chose the first option neBEM to simulate electric fields. The code works well for a few wires, but it take a long time as the number of wires increases.
I tried to use OpenMP by making Garfield libraries with the package, but it doesn’t work…
I checked the neBEM source files and it looks like “_OPENMP” variable is not defined anywhere. Also, the number of threads is not designated well. Is there something I misunderstand or miss?

neBEM uses parallel for loops in quite a few places (search for #pragma omp).

You can set the number of threads in the ComponentNeBem3d interface, something like this:

ComponentNeBem3d nebem;
// ...

Yes, it works well now. Thank you very much.

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