How to change picture on a toolbar button?


Is there a simple way to change the picture of a toolbar button once its been clicked? For example, if the button controls a program mode - the picture can show the next mode (e.g. lin v. log)

Ed Oltman

Hi Ed,
I will have a look asap I have my new computer installed later today.
Cheers, Ilka

Hi Ed,
You can find now in CVS the new method TGToolBar::ChangeIcon() that allows a change of a toolbar button icon.

(example) // after creating the toolbar ToolBarData_t t[8]; TGToolBar *tb = new TGToolBar(fMain, 520, 80); ... // and adding buttons tb->AddButton(fMain, &t[i], sp); ... // you can change the icon of the button i tb->ChangeIcon(&t[i],"new_icon.xpm"); Cheers, Ilka