How to catch SysError?


I have been seeing SysError in <SomeClass::Method()> error message from time to time. How can we catch it ? I cannot find any SysError class anywhere.

Is it actually cacheable ?

Hi @meyerma,

SysError is not a class, but a function defined in TError.h.

The ROOT errors don’t use any exceptions, so there is nothing to catch. But if you want, you can change the error handler with TError::SetErrorHandler() to something that throws exceptions.

Here is a little example:

void MyErrorHandler(int level, Bool_t abort, const char *location, const char *msg)
   if (level == kSysError) {
      std::cout << "it's a SysError!" << std::endl;
      throw std::runtime_error("ROOT had a SysError.");
   DefaultErrorHandler(level, abort, location, msg);

void demo()

   auto oldHandler = SetErrorHandler(MyErrorHandler);

   SysError("demo", "I am error");

   // Don't forget to reset the error handler

   std::cout << "Ending the demo." << std::endl;

I would probably only change the error handler only during the part of the code where you want to catch the SysError. Just to control the side effects of that surgery :slight_smile:


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@jonas This is exactly what I need :slight_smile:

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