How to build from source on Ubuntu20.04(arm64)

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ROOT Version: 6.22/06
Platform: arm64 Ubuntu20.04
Compiler: cmake3.16.3

The latest version of the precompiled files are only for x86 platform, but the tutorials build by source code are not detailed enough, and there will be a lot of errors in the cmake phase, such as various library files can not be found, especially in the cmake phase, there are a lot of dependent libraries that need to be installed to solve which software libraries are not specified on the official website, so these problems are very difficult to solve.

Are there any articles or tutorials that how to build root 6.22/06 from source code on Ubuntu20.04?

Thank you very much.

Click on the Download link at the top of this page; on that page go to the “Build from source” section (currently at the bottom of the page) to see how to compile in general, with links to dependencies and to more details (but I don’t know if it works for arm).

OK, I’ll take a look. Thank you very much.

And it would be even better if officials could release a precompiled package for the arm64 platform.

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