How to build cling using fedora llvm and clang packages

can I build cling using the versions of llvm and clang supplied by fedora?


No. You currently need r165095; see cling/LastKnownGoodLLVMSVNRevision.txt

Cheers, Axel.

Thank you Axel. I went to the llvm svn page but do not understand how to select the last known version to work with cling.
Sorry, to ask, I wish I could figure this out myself/

Yesterday I messed up clicking ‘save’ instead of ‘send’ and then it sent two.

I have long hoped that, alone with the daily builds, the llvm-clang-cling source would be posted. That is, after the build,
make clean
tar source directory
xz directory
and post
I have never been able to build this,and it seems that I always get patch warnings, download the wrong version from SVN, etc.

I would like to know if it is my computer (I have long wondered if my Intel Atom N270 dual core) can actually compile LLVM correctly, and if so, then also cling.

How do I know in an llvm-clang check out from SVN that I have a specific number. I’m barely able to use SVN other than cut and paste the url and commands in at the prompt.

I realize this is an llvm/clang question, but I can not compile cling with out llvm/clang.

I downloaded via snv r 165095 of llvm/clang. Please note that in the instructions listed in another response, that the same url is given for both llvm and clang. Also, I sat patiently for 30 min waiting for something to happen when I realized that the cling site was https:. After trying https with the llvm/clang svn, it worked.

I compiled llvm with clang in the tools directory and when it reached link clang I got the error
ld has received signal 9 [kill] and it stopped. I tried it three times and always it ended with a kill signal to link.

So I did a make clean
and will try the five hour compile again. Is there something here that I am missing about compiling llvm/clang r 165095?

I need to be much more patient. I discovered that signal 9 means ‘out of memory and swap’ so I quadrupled my swap space.
This afternoon using ~1.5 Gb of swap and three hours 15 min, I linked clang. It then continued to compile.

So soon I will know if I can compile cling for ARM, Fedora 18.