How to best selectively disable storing root history


I like using the ROOT history when working interactively. However, when I run ROOT macros in batch jobs lines like

also appear in my history.

What is the most convenient way to disable output to the history selectively? Optimal would be something like a flag when invoking the interpreter, but AFAICT there exists none.


just self-replying to bring this back to the top.

Is there no way to get this behavior without executing another logon script as a macro after invoking root with -n? I am not sure if I should file a wishlist bugreport, but at least for me the current behavior is a little disruptive.




OK, I filed a wishlist bug (, let’s see if anything will come out of this.

I would be interested to see this as well.


As explained in the user guide,

ROOT_HIST=0 root

will do the trick.


Hi Axel,

and thank you for answering.

With that hint I also came across the extremely helpful comments in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc.