How to add event handler to canvas

I’m trying to add event handler for TPads obtained by Divide(n, m) call on my TCanvas. Connect function expects me to pass function as a string, but since I use gcc for my app cint doesn’t know about functions I have so it gives me error about missing slot. After some googling I found that I should probably use rootcint utility to generate some special file which would tell cint that there is certain function with certain arguments with entry point at certain adress.

Here is what I am doing:



[code]#ifdef CINT

#pragma link off all globals;
#pragma link off all classes;
#pragma link off all functions;

#pragma link C++ function event_handler;


this command

gives me

And though this works ok with class samples from , it is still unclear to me how this file would tell cint to use my class.

I don’t understand much about what I’am doing right now, maybe this is the wrong way to do this.
Is there any solution to use Connect() with functions from my code?


See for example this post, and let me know if this solves your problem.

Cheers, Bertrand.