How to Add entries to existing ntuple?

Hey All!
Once again I’m trying to do something I don’t know how to. I’ve created a file based ntuple.
Given that, I’d like to open it and add more entries to it. I assume this is pretty trivial. I’ve attached the script I am using.

I’ve done a TFile(“wind.root”, “UPDATE”)

but am not sure how to access the existing ntuple.
I tried

WIND->Fill( x)

and root wasn’t so keen on that. Suggestions?

Thanks, Chris
ReadLogger2.C (4.38 KB)

In the attachement, see your program with the important line

[quote] tf = new TFile(“wind.root”, “UPDATE”);
nt = (TNtuple*)tf->Get(“WIND”); //<===============[/quote]

ReadLogger2.C (4.46 KB)