How to access value of TNonSplitBrowsable object?

I am working with a TTree filled with custom class objects. In a TBrowser, I can double click on the branch element, and see a list of TNonSplitBrowsables it contains. I can double click on these and view them in the TBrowser.

I am trying to access them either through SetBranchAddress or TTreeReader, and have been unsuccessful. I would really like to decouple the access of these values from the custom class files, rather than linking to the class files, so my code will work on these .root files even if the class files are unavailable. This way I could share my data with others who will not have access to these custom class files.

It seems like it should be possible, since I can access the values of these TNonSplitBrowsables through the TBrowser. If I know the types of these TNonSplitBrowsables, is there anyway I can access their values from a TTree without having access to the class files?

I saw this post [url]How to read a Branch with classes? saying that it should be possible using TTreeReader, but I have been trying without success.

Thank you,