How to access friend tree branches without Tree.Draw()

Dear Root Experts,
I have a root file with several tree in it. Each tree have same number of entries.
I want to put a cut on one tree (main tree) variables based on other tree variable.
So I read that tree and add other tree as friend (friend tree).
Somehow I do not want to use Tree.Draw() method to access other tree variable but use
Does someone know how to get friend tree variable inside the entry loop of main tree.
I will give a basic example below.

Thanks a lot.


TFile inFile("../rootFiles/pPb_MinBiasTree_v5_211256_json.root");
TTree *hiTree = (TTree*)inFile.Get("hiEvtAnalyzer/HiTree");
//========== branches and adress of main tree
 Int_t           hiBin;

 Long64_t nentries = hiTree->GetEntries();

for (Long64_t i=0; i<nentries;i++) {

//how to do it
cout<<hiBin<<"any variable from friend tree <<endl;