How to access a leaf nested in a branch of a tree?

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Dear All,

I’m trying to read a leaf that is nested in a branch as follows which has the type of vector<vector<float> >. But every time I run my code, it spits segmentation break. How can i get this fixed?

  TFile* mf = new TFile(inputdir+sample+".root");

  TTree* mt = (TTree*)mf->Get("bTag_AntiKt4EMTopoJets/jet_trk_d0/");

  cout<<"gets up to loading the branch line!"<<endl;

  vector<vector<float> > jet_trk_d0_s;




Thank you!

If you don’t know how to deal with your tree, see how various flavours of automatically generated “analysis skeletons” deal with it.

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…and to make progress here (if still needed after Wile_E’s reply) please post the output of mt->Print().

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Hi Axel,

I have attached herewith the mt->Print() for your kind attention.

Thank you,

test.txt (67.6 KB)

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