How long could the function argument list be?

I have a very long argument list for a function, but it seems root can not handle it. I am using ROOT_LEVEL : 3.10.01.

QAInfo:You are using STAR_LEVEL : SL04e, ROOT_LEVEL : 3.10.01 and node :
root4star [0]
Processing /star/u/wjdong/wrk/.h/dev/new/ElectronFlow.C(999999,"/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.list","/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.hist.root","/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.phiWgt.root","/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.ntuple.root","/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.adc2e.root","/star/data05/scratch/wjdong/temp4new/RUN5090038/RUN5090038.10.ptmaker.root",false)…

*** Break *** segmentation violation
Root > Segmentation fault

I can use some trick to avoid this, but I am just curious about some other options.

In version 3.10, the limit for the string in the root command line
was 512 characters. It has been extended to 2048 in version 4.
Note that this is anyhow a false problem as I am sure somebody one day
will request an extension to 6 miliion characters.
You should use a TChain instead of this list of files in input.


Hi Brun,
Thanks. Actually I was using the TChain more or less. I just have too many output files, and each of them carries the full path. Now, I used a little trick to deal with it.