How large data may be used with TH1S

Dear Rooters,

In the manual of ROOT 5.14.00 one can read that
"TH1S : histograms with one short per channel. Maximum bin content = 65535"
The next 3 lines demonstrate the opposite result

TH1S d(“d”,"",10,0.,10.)

The result is 32767. I saw the source and found there the usual limitation of short int values that conflicts with manual and conflicts with the comment of the source. Fortunately it was checked before a list of TH1I matrices having the maximum around 50000 were converted into TH1S.

In principal, the TH1(2) objects of unsigned short would be very helpful.



You are right. I have updated the comments to reflect the fact that
TH1C has a maximum bin content of 127 [-127,127] and a TH1S 32767

Thanks for this remark.