How i code and fill Historam FatJet_EhadoverEem?

how i code and fill Historam FatJet_EhadoverEem using Tlorentzvector h , b1,b2

Hi Ahmed,

It is hard to figure out what is really meant by this question, but I’ll try.
You have a pair of TLorentzVector instances and you want to fill a histogram with some of their properties. In this case, supposing you want to have a histogram of the jets’ eta, you’d do:

TH1D myHisto("JetsEta","Jets #eta;Jet_{#eta};# of jets", 64, -4, 4);

See the doc of TLorentzVector.
Please consider using ROOT::Math::LorentzVector instead of TLorentzVector as stated in the doc. Good luck.


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