How Does ProjectionX / ProjectionY Work?

I created a Y and X projection from a TH2 using ProjectionY() and ProjectionX().

I assumed that the projections would just show my the Y and Z axis or the X and Z axis but the values on the Z axis are very different from what is on the TH2. To explain a little more clearly, on my TH2 my max Z value is 80. On my ProjectionX and ProjectionY my max Z value is around 3000 (they are different on each plot).

So my question is, what exactly does ProjectionX and ProjectionY do? I assumed it would just show me 2 of the 3 axis as a 2D plot, but it does not appear that way. Furthermore, is there anyway to obtain the Max value on the Z axis of a histogram created using ProjectionX and ProjectionY?