How do we iterate through TrackParticles_v1?

I have a root file that that has a branch with leaves of all sort. I want to iterate and plot histograms with specific headings.

From this picture, I am attempting to read and plot data on everything that starts with “numberOf” within the InDetTrackParticles.

Right now I have:
f = ROOT.TFile.Open(filename)
t = ROOT.xAOD.MakeTransientTree(f, tree_name)

for i in t:
for j in i.InDetTrackParticles:

But I can’t iterate through j to grab out the stuff I want. Any help would be appreiciated


I understand your issue but unfortunately the solution is not related to ROOT but rather to ATLAS’ xAOD format. I think that this question would be better asked in an ATLAS specific Forum.


Hi Danilo,

I can’t seem to find an appropriate ATLAS forum. Do you know where in particular I should look in particular?


Hi Ryan,

try the PAT forum.