How do I execute a complied macro?

ROOT Version: 6.28
Platform: Windows 11
Compiler: cling

When I try to load a c++ macro with ‘.L program.C+’ root does not find it. E.g.,

root [4] simu2XDStarLnu(2)
input_line_17:2:3: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘simu2XDStarLnu’

If I use plain ‘.L’ w/o the ‘+’ it works fine. However, this intended to be a simulation and I need the increased speed of compiled code.

How do I find and run in when compiled. It seems to be this worked when I used ‘root’ on Linux long ago.

If the compilation works, the content of the macro should be as useable with and without the +.

Can you share the entire session output and/or the macro?

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