How can I use jupyterhub with root-kernel?

we want to build a data analysis platform for our group with jupyterhub.
It’s ok to use jupyter. we can run rootC++ code normally on jupyter.
But when I use jupyterhub, it can’t find root kernel.
I try to run the code cp -r $ROOTSYS/etc/notebook/kernels/root ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels.
Although, I can find the root kernel on the web, it doesn’t work.


ROOT Version (6.12/02):
Platform, compiler ( macOS high Serria):

Hi @mission-young,

Please note that this is a ROOT forum and installing kernels for Jupyter is a bit out of scope of the help we provide here.

The kernel should show up independently of JupyterHub, since kernels are shown by Jupyter. With ROOT, you can do root --notebook and Jupyter will show the kernel.

For Jupyterhub, what I can suggest is to try placing the root kernel inside another of the directories that is searched by Jupyter (e.g. /usr/local/share/jupyter):

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