How can I use data that is entangled with other data?

Hello again, I’m trying to use data in a Branch, but those data are enangled in ROOT::VecOps::RVec<UShort_t>. I’ve used RDF but I’m defenetly not able to get what i want from this.
Is there something I am missing ? Her’s the way those data are stored :

As you can see there 34 instances per event (wish correspond to 34 detectors).


What are you trying to do with that data?


Hi, first, I would like to get the graph of the number of detection if fonction of the number of detectors who detected the neutron/gammas.

I tried this code but i don’t undesratnd the result ;

TFile f("RAW148OS_treeFF01.root");
std::unique_ptr<TTree> tree(dynamic_cast<TTree*>(f.Get("Analysis_All")));
tree->SetBranchStatus("*", false);
tree->SetBranchStatus("Psd_All_Shift", true);
ROOT::RDataFrame d("Analysis_All", "RAW148OS_treeFF01.root"); // Interface to TTree and TChain
auto colType = d.GetColumnType("Psd_All_Shift");
//Print column type
std::cout << "Column " << colType << " has type " << colType << std::endl;
// Obtention d'un vecteur de données à partir de l'élément "Psd_All_Shift" de l'arbre
auto rvec = d.Take<ROOT::VecOps::RVec<UShort_t>>("Psd_All_S");
// Affichage des valeurs de rvec
for (const auto& value : rvec) {
    std::cout << value << std::endl;