How can I tell if Process failed?

I’m using TProof::Process to run on my PROOF datasets. I would like to know when it doesn’t work. Currently I’m using teh following test:

var pr = proof.Process("LINQTest#btagd3pd", "queryTestSimpleQuery"); Console.WriteLine("Result from the process is {0}.", pr);

When I have a single file in the dataset and there are 2000 events in that file, the run finishes pretty quick, and pr returns 0. However, say I change “btagd3pd” to something else - like “CollectionTree”. That tree is valid, but doesn’t have the same leaves. I get a crash in the workers (as expected), and lots of print out that things are bad, but pr still returns zero. Further, if I change CollectionTree to “bogus” - then it also fails, but much more nicely (according to the logs), but still pr is zero.

How can I detect that Process failed? When it does I’d like to then automatically access the Mgr object and extract all the logs locally so the user can view them easily at a later time.

Many thanks!

P.S. I’m using 5.30 on the client and 5.28 as the PROOF server.

Any options? :wink:


Sorry …
The output list should contain a TStatus object called ‘PROOF_Status’ with error messages and a method call IsOk() …
If you do


you should see it.
Is this what you need?