How can I load the FastJet VariableR plugin?

Possibly an LCG-specific question, but how can I load the FastJet VariableR plugin in ROOT?

Just using FastJet itself works fine, but when I use the Variable R plugin, it can’t find the symbol

If I do gSystem->Load("libfastjetplugins") it then can’t find _ZN17siscone_spherical11CSphsiscone12_banner_ostrE

ROOT Version: 6.16
Platform: LCG Dev4


the procedure for interactive usage of external libraries takes place in two steps:

  1. Load the necessary libraries with gSystem->Load as you correctly did
  2. Include the necessary headers with statemens like gInterpreter->Declare("include \"myHeader.hxx\"")

Did you perform 1) for all the necessary libraries and 2) for the necessary headers?


I use ACLiC and #include the headers. Is 2 still necessary?


then it’s more than interactivity, we need to link the library which cannot be loaded at runtime with gSystem->Load. Isn’t a regular compilation better in this case?


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