How can I change clang's header dir?


I’m installing cling from the git repository and LLVM/Clang svn repositories with “make cling-only” and then “make install”. This installs /usr/bin/cling, as well as /usr/lib/clang/3.3/include/*. However, the clang header files are already installed on my system through clang’s Arch Linux package. Is there a way to make cling look for these header files at a different path, to avoid conflict with the distro package?

So far I’ve tried ./configure --with-clang-resource-dir, and patching CIFactory::createCI in cling/lib/Interpreter/CIFactory.cpp. Neither seems to have an effect, and cling still looks for headers in /usr/lib/clang/3.3.

That is in Axel’s expertise but right now he is very busy.
When playing with CIFactory you could .I (dot capital i) to see the active include paths at the prompt.
Smth like:
[cling] .I
will display the include paths.