Histograms of dose profile and surface dose distribution

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I have information about hits in the sensitive detector: position and deposited dose corresponding to each hit which are saved in a 3D weighted histogram (dose is the weight). I have two questions regarding histograms on ROOT.

  1. I want to plot a 2D dose distribution at several depths along Z-axis (see example below):

What I do is I select, for example, the first bin along the z-axis and I do a “yx” projection of my 3D histogram:

TH2D* h2 = (TH2D*) h1->Project3D(“yx”)

However, I am bothered by the fact that I do it in quite a cumbersome way. Is there a more nice and straightforward way to extract such 2D histogram (I am afraid I am doing it wrong selecting one bin along the z-axis etc…)

The other question is about dose profiles (see picture below). I need to get not a projection on the X axis (this is feasible) but rather a dose profile along two perpendicular lines. My idea is again select z- and y- bins in a small region around the x-axis and make a 1D projection, however, the results seem wrong to me… Is there a way to get such profiles through TH1 class commands?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hello Wile,

Thank you for the prompt reply, I appreciate it much. I also tried these functions, however, my issue is that my detector is quite elongated, meaning if I use just TH2 histograms I will then sum up all the bins along the z-axis. My goal is to analyze the data only within a first few bins and plot it. That is why I thought that it would be appropriate for me to use TH3 instead of TH2 in the first place, what do you think?

Also, regarding the ProfileX/ProfileY functions: as I understood, TH2::ProfileX show the average value of Y for each bin in X, however, I need to get the profile of dose (weight in my case) along central perpendicular axis as shown before. So, I assume I would also have to work with 3D histograms in the first place…

Thanks in advance!
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Search for methods with names “Project*” in the TH3 Class Reference.

Hi Wile! Thanks a lot, I’ve found my way through with the 3D projection method.

I have one more question regarding the SetProjectionX method on the ROOT canvas. I have seen a tutorial where a black window of a selected bin width pops up and draws projections on a separate screen (see image below). In my case, nothing appears and I can just scroll up down with the arrow. Do you happen to know how it can be fixed?


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