Histograms in TBrowser?

i have a tree where one branch holds a signal of type

Double_t signal[1000];

When i open the tree in a TBrowser and double-click this branch i get a histogram containing the values from all entries (i.e. number of entries in the tree * 1000). Is there a convenient way of getting the histogram for a single entry (i.e. signal[i] is content of bin i)?
Also, sometimes when the Branch holds a single value, e.g.

Double_t amp;

I want to have a graph/histogram with the eventnumber on the y-axis.
Is there any method that i could override (e.g. in TBranch) to add my custom way of creating the histogram that is shown on double-click in the TBrowser?


First of all, sorry for the late reply… :blush:
Then, the default action for double-clicks in the browser are defined in the $ROOTSYS/etc/root.mimes file. For example:[root/tleaf] pattern = TLeaf* icon = leaf_s.xpm leaf_t.xpm action = ->Browse()
So you could try to change the “action” value and call another (your own) method…

Cheers, Bertrand.