Histogram styles with DrawNormalized

Dear Experts,

I want to compare the shapes of two histograms that have different entries. To do this,
I am trying to draw two normalized histograms using the DrawNormalize option and sames. The y axis does change when I use DrawNormalize bit I am not able to get the style that I have set in the code although I am getting it in the legend. This is how the plots look like when I use DrawNormalize.

Also, when I use only Draw option, I get:

What should I do to get the normalized histograms whilst retaining the histogram styles ?

For your reference, I am also attaching the code and the root file that I am using.
norm.tar.gz (450.5 KB)

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_ROOT Version:6.24/00
_Platform: Ubuntu 16.04
Compiler: Not Provided


TH1 * TH1::DrawNormalized ( Option_t * option = "",
Double_t norm = 1
) const

Draw a normalized copy of this histogram.
A clone of this histogram is normalized to norm and drawn with option. A pointer to the normalized histogram is returned.
But in your code you are modifying the fill, etc on the original histograms (h1 and h2), not on the clones. You can take the pointers of the clones and use these instead of h1 and h2, e.g.

  TH1F *h1n = (TH1F*)h1->DrawNormalized();
  TH1F *h2n = (TH1F*)h2->DrawNormalized("sames");
  h2n->SetStats(0);          // No statistics on upper plot
  // etc. using h1n and h2n from here on

Dear @dastudillo
Thanks for your message. I am still not able to get the desired result. Will you please have a look at the attached macro
sames_tratio_plot.C (3.8 KB). This is what I am getting: