Histogram minimum

Dear ROOTers,

I hope you can help me with a problem trying to put several objects into the same plot.
I have a TGraphErrors, with entries y < 0.
In the same pad I would like to draw a few histograms, but I want the histogram to end at y==0.
This is what the “b” option does, but then I lose the outline of the histogram, and it’s hard to follow the histogram into the region where the histograms overlap.

Searching around I found mentions of hist.SetMinimum(0), or ROOT.gStyle.SetHistMinimumZero(), but neither seems to do anything, and hist.Draw() happily draws the outline of the hist to the bottom of the plot, which is at y<0.

Could somebody point me to an example that draws one or more filled histograms with an outline that end at y==0, and a TGraphErrors with entries y<0 on top of that?

Many thanks,

OK, just to answer my own question, the solution is to draw a TGraph where x and y are the edges of the bins.
Hope it helps somebody in the future.