Histogram Limits in TreeViewer

Hello all,
Is it possible to set histogram axis limits from the TreeViewer interface? I’ve been creating cuts on the variables I’ve been histogramming to create axis limits, e.g. if I want the histogram to be from 1 to 2, I create a cut x>1 && x<2, but perhaps there is a more direct way?
By the way, I think the Forum is great. Thanks to all who set it up.


Hi Dan,

In the top of the TreeViewer, change the name of the default histogram “htemp” to eg “htemp(50,-1,5)” if you want to force the creation
of an histogram named “htemp” with 50 bins from -1 to 5

Rene Brun

I tried this and got a seg fault :frowning: . Here’s the back trace:

*** Break *** segmentation violation Generating stack trace... 0x401aef02 in TUnixSystem::StackTrace() + 0x388 from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x401ad8ab in TUnixSystem::DispatchSignals(ESignals) + 0x85 from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x401ac8e4 in <unknown> from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x401b0ad6 in <unknown> from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x40f1974e in <unknown> from /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0 0x42028558 in <unknown> from /lib/i686/libc.so.6 0x415e5027 in TTreeViewer::ProcessMessage(long, long, long) + 0x13c9 from /usr/root/lib/libTreeViewer.so 0x412948b6 in TGFrame::HandleClientMessage(Event_t*) + 0x4a from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x41296a4a in TGMainFrame::HandleClientMessage(Event_t*) + 0x2c from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x41294630 in TGFrame::HandleEvent(Event_t*) + 0x1de from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x41278be5 in TGClient::HandleEvent(Event_t*) + 0xd7 from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x412788de in TGClient::ProcessOneEvent() + 0x6a from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x41278968 in TGClient::HandleInput() + 0x28 from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x41275806 in TGInputHandler::Notify() + 0x22 from /usr/root/lib/libGui.so 0x401ad256 in TUnixSystem::DispatchOneEvent(bool) + 0x3a from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x40128a2f in TSystem::InnerLoop() + 0x25 from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x401289bd in TSystem::Run() + 0x7b from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x400da24e in TApplication::Run(bool) + 0x30 from /usr/root/lib/libCore.so 0x40de4adb in TRint::Run(bool) + 0x311 from /usr/root/lib/libRint.so 0x0804a4b6 in main + 0x6e from /usr/root/bin/root.exe 0x420158f7 in __libc_start_main + 0xc7 from /lib/i686/libc.so.6 0x0804a3b9 in s_wsfe + 0x31 from /usr/root/bin/root.exe
Using 3.05/05 on RH 8.


Use 3.05/07 or 3.10/00