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Histogram fit question

Good afternoon,

can anyone suggest how to fit this distribution. It is important to do the 3D fit, not to fit projections etc.

EdepEmaxRad3D.root (1.9 MB)


What exactly would you like to do ?
If you want to find a relations between the coordinates, for example Radius as a function of Deep and Emax, you can fit those 3d points with a 2d function, calling TH3:Fit. Which type of function, I don’t know, it is up to you to understand which shape has the distribution of those points.
If instead you want to estimate the 3d density you need to fit using a 3d function.
It depends on your goals.




In the end I want to get a curve (roughly like the one in the figure) that follows the distribution. My question is how can I obtain it.