Histogram empty bins

Dear all,
I have a TH2 histogram representing a 2D efficiency map. I want to project this over one of the two axes and for this I plan to use TProfile. I want to select the bins to be “imported” in the TProfile object by skipping those who are empty.
I try to give some more details: the 2D efficiency map is for testbeam data of a pixel sensor. The beam spot was smaller than the sensor so there are bins never reached by any beam particle. I would consider those bins as empty and I don’t want to include them in the TProfile object. (Another case is represented by masked pixels, pixels which were not included in the data taking).
So, is there a way to identify empty bins please? I could select bins with content greater than 0 but I fear this could be seen as a bias in my analysis.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,
Marco Bomben


We don;t have a mechanism to exclude certain type of bins in the projections. However, if the bins are empty, automatically they should not count. So, if you want to exclude, probably you could just set their content to zero, if they are not already.

Best Regards