Histogram did not show

Hi everyone, I’m new to programming, I was learning how to use PyROOT through some tutorials, and I was trying to draw a histogram but it showed just the axis, I need help!
ROOT Version: 6.26
Platform: Linux
Compiler: Not Provided

here is my code:

import ROOT
import math
c1 = ROOT.TCanvas( 'c1', 'canvas title' )
f = ROOT.TFile( 'my_output.root', 'recreate' )
xbin = 100
xmin = -3.
xmax =  3.
h1 = ROOT.TH1F( 'h1', 'histogram 1; x axis; y axis', xbin, xmin, xmax )
h2 = ROOT.TH1F( 'h2', 'histogram 2; x axis; y axis', xbin, xmin, xmax )
center = 0.1
sigma  = 0.5 
for i in range( 10000 ):
...     g = ROOT.gRandom.Gaus(center, sigma)
...     k = ROOT.gRandom.Uniform(-3,3)  # for background.
...     h1.Fill( g )
...     h2.Fill( g ); h2.Fill( k )

Assuming your real source code does not contain “...”, it should work fine.

it is the same!
I tried to draw a histogram on ROOT and the same thing happened!

KeyboardInterrupt” in your screenshot suggests that you pressed “Ctrl-C”. Then the “for” loop is not executed.
You need to press “Enter” (in an empty line).

Do you know how to end for loop here? it keeps showing “…” when I press enter
I thought ctrl-c ended the loop and start a new line

An “Enter” should be sufficient. If you still get “...”, press “Backspace” several times (so that all additional spaces are gone) and then “Enter”.

when I press enter it execute the hall loop, and I just want to start a new line without executing the loop

Python executes individual statements after you press “Enter”.

Python.org → Documentation


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