Histogram containing dots in name

Hi everyone, I have troubles with pointing to the histogram object that is named as h_a0.999774_b0.000957. I have root files with many histograms named similary and can`t change names. This is what I got when I Draw():

KEY: TH1F h_a0.999774_b0.000957;1
root [2] h_a0.999774_b0.000957->Draw()
ROOT_prompt_2:1:5: error: expected ‘;’ after expression
ROOT_prompt_2:1:12: error: no matching literal operator for call to ‘operator""_b0.000957’ with argument of type ‘long double’ or ‘const char *’, and no matching literal operator template

I have root file with many histograms named similary to

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TH1F *h; gDirectory->GetObject("h_a0.999774_b0.000957", h);

Thanks a lot Coyote … Your answer was fast as Road Runner

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