Hiding TCanvas

Hi Rooters

I have an apllication that creates a bunch of TCanvas in sequence and export them into png format (also in sequence). This can take quite a long time.

During the run, I am not interested in Tcanvas popping around my screen, I am just interested into looking at results into “png”.
I know there is a way to hide the TCanves, I just forgot how to do this. I believe it has to do with “lowering” the window, so it doesn’t appear on my screen but I couldn’t find the command.

Can someone help me put?


I am using Root 5.14

rujn in batch mode, ie

root -b


To be more precise, I have created a library that contains my objects and functions. This is the library that pops TCanvas.

But some people are using my library with python (I know…) since pyroot exist and they know python.

So unfortunately, “root -b” will not work.

You can also toggle the batch mode from the code with


Thanks René

I will tell my colleagues to to that. That should work fine.