Hiding ROOT::Cintex::Cintex::Enable(); from ROOT6 compilation in a backwards compatible way

I’ve inherited a boatload of ROOT5 code I’d like to make run under both ROOT5 and ROOT6.

It is full of
and putting macros around that line is getting really old after about 30 times.

Any simple suggestions for overriding that code which crops up everywhere.

how about doing a find/replace of ROOT::Cintex::Cintex::Enable() in all files with

#include <enablecintex.h>

and then implement EnableCintex only once, and putting an #ifdef inside the body that makes it no-op for ROOT6?

Or equivalently, implementing

#if IS_ROOT_6
namespace ROOT {
namespace Cintex {
namespace Cintex {
  void Enable() {}


Thanks that seems to work.

Is IS_ROOT_6 a variable I can expect to exist or do I need to set it myself someplace.

but aside from that question I think I can now do much less damage to existing code.

Try to “#include” anything from ROOT and then (if ROOT 5 will misbehave, replace ROOT_VERSION(6,00,00) with 393216):

// ... ROOT 6.00/00 and newer
#else /* ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= ROOT_VERSION(6,00,00) */
// ... ROOT 5 (and older)
#endif /* ROOT_VERSION_CODE >= ROOT_VERSION(6,00,00) */

See also:

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