Hiding bin content


I have searched but couldn’t find. Is there any way to hide certain bin content? I do not want to set it to zero, or change the bin content of the original histogram. I only want to not display it while I am drawing.

Sorry if it has been already disccuesed,

ROOT Version: 6.26/07
Platform: macOS 12.3
Compiler: clang 13.1.6

I suppose you want histo->SetMinimum(yourminimumvalue)

That is not exactly what I look for. I want to do something independent of the y-axis in 1D histogram. I just want to hide some bins irrespective of their bin content. Sorry.

I do not think there is an easy way to do this.
The workaround would be to create several histograms and draw them on top of each other. The first histogram would go from the first bin to the first ‘interruption’, the second would start after the interruption and go the next one and so on.

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